Learn more about how to connect honey bees and pollinators to your curriculum.

Pollinate Minnesota provides resources for teachers in educating about and with honey bees. We know that teachers need engaging teaching tools that offer opportunities for student learning success.  Insects are awesome at this, and honey bees, as unique, pollinating, stinging, super organisms are incredible teaching tools.

The ways to incorporate honey bees into your curriculum extend beyond science.  We work with teachers to align our programming with your teaching- be it geography, history, art, literacy or math. Contact Erin to talk more.

teacher Workshops

We offer half and full day teacher workshops: Connecting Pollinators to your Classroom and Schoolyard Garden Sustainability and Support.

Contact Erin to schedule or learn more.      

erin@pollinatemn.org           612.245.6384

As we grow, we'll be gathering resources here. Check back!