At Pollinate Minnesota, we envision a world with strong, healthy pollinators and people, where farms are functional parts of ecosystems and schools are functional environments for all learners.

We work with honey bees; we love them as a tool for teachers, learners, organizers and advocates.  We love them not only because their accidental labor is critical to our access to healthy, nutritious foods and the sustainability of our food supply, but because their work highlights the interdependence of life in ecosystems.

We love their ability to connect, to mobilize, and to drive change.

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Minnesotans care deeply about bees.

It’s hard to be a bee these days, and as individuals, we’re doing what we can, choosing with our hearts, our dollars, and our trowels to help bees. Our cities, counties and school districts are pledging to be bee friendly.  

It’s not enough. We need state and federal policy change to curb pollinator declines.  And we need your help.

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