We connect Minnesotans to pollinator issues through education and activism and use empowering experiences with honeybees as a starting point to discover what makes a thriving ecosystem for bees and for humans. Honeybees – as a symbol and as an example - have the power to connect, to mobilize, and to drive change.

We have seen people overcome 40 year phobias and beam with pride holding a frame of bees, 7 year-olds lean back in beehives and say, "I just LOVE bees," after admitting to hate bugs before we put on suits, a 10 year-old in a beekeeping suit in a beehive for the first time who said "I was made to be in this environment!" Putting on a suit to get close to their fear, students who are known for not listening, for running from bugs, for causing disruptions, calm their bodies and listen and interact with the bees.

At Pollinate Minnesota, we teach about honey bees using experiential education and offers classes to individuals and groups, young and old.

We love to teach with bees and offer safe, immersive experiences working a honey bee hive. In each class, we’ll put you in a beekeeping suit, we’ll open up one of our Pollinate Minnesota hives and teach you a few things about what bees do, how we keep them, and what's going on with them these days. Meet the queen, see the brood, and if the hive is ready, taste honey straight from the bees.

Classes are held at an Educational Apiary- a community garden, urban farm, park or school close to you.  All in-hive classes run May-September annually.

photo credit The Beez Kneez LLC