Minnesota has historically been an amazing place to be a bee.

we're not anymore, but We have ongoing opportunities, from the state capitol to your yard, to be so again.

In August 2016, the Minnesota Department of Agriculture released the findings of their two year Review of Neonicotinoids: a great summary of the science on this class of systemic insecticides and its impacts on pollinators.  They concluded that neonics do harm pollinator populations, and are a driver of their decline, and made 8 recommendations to reduce pollinators' neonic exposures.  Governor Dayton issued Executive Order 16.07: "Directing Steps to Reverse Pollinator Decline and Restore Pollinator Health in Minnesota on the same day, calling on MN's agencies to increase pollinator protection.

Both efforts represent necessary steps toward curbing the decline of Minnesota's pollinators.

And they're not isolated efforts- they build on the growing concern and mobilization by Minnesotans and our municipalities.

We care about bees and have been voting with our tractors and trowels, dollars and votes to protect pollinators for many years now.   Over 38 of our MN cities, counties and school districts have passed pollinator friendly resolutions.  In the past five years, Minnesota has been leading the nation with some great legislation for bees: laws that increase habitat, limit bees’ exposure to pesticides, and support beekeepers.

every legislative session, there are a few bills that impact pollinators. find out what's happening this year here.

Our elected officials hear frequently from special interests opposed to bee friendly practices.  They need to hear from us too! Letter writing makes a difference, phone calls are even better, and an in-person meeting does amazing things.  It’s not too hard- especially during summer and fall when the legislative session isn’t happening.  These folks represent us and want to connect with us.

Not sure who represents you?  Find out here.

There's more we can do.

Scroll down to learn about how you can advocate for pollinators in your communities.

pass Bee and Pollinator Friendly Resolutions in your city. or your school district. or county, or township or business campus.....

Many municipalities are passing resolutions that pledge to protect pollinators. These cities, townships, school districts and counties are increasing clean habitat and reducing pesticide use on the land that they manage. Citizen concern drove these resolutions. Shorewood was the first city in Minnesota to pass a resolution and did so by learning more about the issue for the organization Humming for Bees; find their resolution here.  While many other cities around the country have done the same, Minnesota has more pollinator friendly municipalities than any other state.  Your community could be next!  Find resources on how to push this effort in your community here.

Support bees with your trowels!

Planting clean, pesticide-free flowers helps feed the hungry pollinators in your neighborhood. In Minnesota, we have about 425 species of bee, and they like to eat different things. Planting a diversity of flowers with a diversity of bloom times provides food all season long.   

Learn more about Pollinators

One way to help bees is to learn more about them. Why not do so in a beekeeping suit with us?  Take a Pollinate Minnesota Class- learn more about the issues facing pollinators while safely hanging out with 50,000 honey bees.

Pollinate Minnesota with us!

Pollinate Minnesota is a new organization, working toward a better Minnesota for pollinators and people. Your tax-deductible donation allows us to advocate for the critical policies above, provide resources to communities making the pollinator friendly transition and puts more K12 students from around Minnesota in beekeeping suits in our classes.  Donate here.