We love to talk about pollinators and the issues facing them.

As experienced educators, we excel at translating these issues to your audience: large and small, young and old.  The story of honey bees, their decline, and the causes of their decline, are each  linear stories, easily understood by 2nd graders, by state legislators. The work happening in Minnesota to protect our pollinators is nationally unprecedented.

We want to share these stories with you. 

We typically charge a $100 honorarium plus mileage for speaking engagements.  Contact Erin to schedule or learn more.  erin@pollinatemn.org    612.245.6384.

Interested in bringing your group to a hive? 

We offer immersive experiences for individuals and groups, for everyone 5 and over.  You can put on a beekeeping suit and hang out with honey bees with your coworkers, your true love, your girl scout troop.  Check out our classes!

Stay tuned! We'll be adding a calendar to this page as we grow- so you'll know where to find us!