What's going on now?

Check back soon for pollinator relevant legislation in Minnesota this session.

Contact your legislators (learn who and how here) and voice your concern for pollinator health. Contact Erin if you're interested in other ways to help. (612.245.6384, erin@pollinatemn.org)


Follow us on Facebook- we post action alerts and up to date information on our Pollinate Minnesota page.

Our friends at the Pesticide Action Network put together these factsheets for the 2017 session on Supporting Farmers and Protecting Pollinators this session. Click here for their factsheet for Legislators and here for their factsheet for Organizers.

Search here to see everything authored this session (You can search by bill number or keyword search for each chamber.) Not in Minnesota? Your state likely had a searchable database of bills on its legislative website.

Interested in helping Pollinate Minnesota?

Get involved in the campaign!  We'll keep you informed about issues facing pollinator health, action steps that are happening statewide, and ways you can Pollinate Minnesota. To make a tax-deductible donation to Pollinate Minnesota, click here.

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