Worker Bee: Corporate Workshops in the Hive

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Worker Bee: Corporate Workshops in the Hive


Hold your next work retreat with the bees! Held at one of our Educational Apiary sites, we'll focus on the issues facing pollinators and what we can do to help.  Plus, what better team building then seeing all 50,000 bees working together?

Workshops are 2 hours and $30 a person ($300 minimum.) Want to bring your whole department?  If you're bringing more than 35 people, we'll add a little more time to give each person a close look at the hive.

We encourage you to contact us to schedule Worker Bee before you purchase. We'll pick a day and location that works best for your group.  Email or call 612.245.6384 to schedule.

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We all care about bees right now.  They're pollinators to the flowering plants that make up our ecosystems, including our food ecosystems.  1 in 3 bites we eat was brought to us through honey bee pollination, and they're dying. One way to help bees is to learn more about them.

Why not do so in a beekeeping suit with one of our classes?

We love to teach with bees and offer safe, immersive experiences working a honey bee hive. In each class, we’ll put you in a beekeeping suit, we’ll open up one of our  hives and teach you a few things about what bees do, how we keep them, and what's going on with them these days. Meet the queen, see the brood, and if the hive is ready, taste honey straight from the bees.

Classes are held at a Educational Apiary- a community garden, urban farm, park or school close to you.  All in hive classes run May-September annually.