The Buzz on Bees

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The Buzz on Bees

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Perfect for your family and friends, for those looking for something fun and educational to do and those interested in getting the feel of beekeeping before diving in. 

$36/ adult, $21/ under 12.

The Buzz on Bees is a stand alone, 1.5 hour class.  All 2017 Buzz on Bees classes will be held our Pollinate Minnesota Educational Apiary at JD Rivers' Children's Garden, 2900 Glenwood Ave N, 55405, at the edge of Theodore Wirth Park.

We have two dates for The Buzz on Bees:

  • Tuesday, August 22nd, 6-7:30pm
  • Sunday, September 17th, 11am-12:30pm
  • Don't find a date that works for you?  Contact to arrange an exclusive Buzz on Bees class!
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We all care about bees right now.  They're pollinators to the flowering plants that make up our ecosystems, including our food ecosystems.  1 in 3 bites we eat was brought to us through honey bee pollination, and they're dying. One way to help bees is to learn more about them.

Why not do so in a beekeeping suit with one of our Pollinate Minnesota classes?

We love to teach with bees and offer safe, immersive experiences working a honey bee hive. In each class, we’ll put you in a beekeeping suit, we’ll open up one of our hives and teach you a few things about what bees do, how we keep them, and what's going on with them these days. Meet the queen, see the brood, and if the hive is ready, taste honey straight from the bees.


1.) Pollinate Minnesota Buzz on Bees and Honey and Hive classes are held outdoors. In the case of inclement weather, class will be canceled and you'll receive a rain check voucher to register for another class date. We aren't able to work the hives if it's raining or below 55 degrees. Classes will be cancelled 3 hours before scheduled time, either if it's raining very hard at that time or if it's over 55% chance of rain forecasted for the time of our class (as determined by the 5 different weather sites we check.) YOU WILL BE NOTIFIED BY PHONE AND EMAIL, at the contacts you provided, three hours before your class if class is cancelled for weather.

2.) Everyone who puts on a beekeeping suit and works the hive (adults too!) will be asked to sign a waiver.

3.) Please dress for the weather, bring a water bottle, and wear shoes that cover your whole foot like sneakers or boots. Everyone will be wearing a full suit and gloves to visit the bee hive, and the suit covers your whole body except for your feet. Sneakers are great, shoes with holes like Crocs or Keens are not.

4.) Buzz on Bees Classes will need 4 people registered in order to run; Honey and Hive Classes will need 2 couples. You will be notified at the contact info you provided 3 hours ahead of class time if class is cancelled.

We look forward to meeting you and hanging out with the bees! Thank you!

A big thank you to Emma Freeman Photography and Urban Roots for this photo.